About us

About us

Quidditch (in Czech called „famfrpál“) is a modern team sport getting more and more popular in Europe nowadays. It is played by mixed temas of both guys and girls, there are up to 5 balls in a gameplay and players are divided into 4 different positions, each with different aim. Sure, we do fly on brooms, sometimes are hit by a bludger and at the end we catch the snitch … but everything is slightly different than what you may think. It is a real sport, where you need no robes nor magic wands. That’s why it is officially called muggle quidditch. But this doesn’t mean it is no fun, because it really is 🙂

© Milan Chrdle

Although quidditch originates in the fantasy world of Harry Potter, it’s absolutely real sport combining features of handball, rugby and dodgeball. The most important in quidditch is the cooperation between players of different positions, stamina and good strategy. Anyway, in quidditch everyone can find his/her own role and aim. It doesn’t matter if you just like sports, are looking for unusual outdoor activity or wanna have afternoon fun during your exchange stay. Come to play with us and join the very first Czech quidditch team OCCAMY OLOMOUC. We have usually 1–2 open practises every week during spring and autumn season taking place in the picturesque landcape of Olomouc city parks. We will be more than happy seeing new faces there. We play for free and for fun.

Now, we are a group of 15-ish players aged 16–26 years composed mostly of students of Palacký University, secondary schools as well as postgraduates. Our training sessions are fully open to public, so that anyone can come to join us playing (preferably) or at least watching. We have all necessary equipment and will teach you how to play. You need only some sports clothing, trainers and a bottle of water to drink. We play free-of-charge and for fun. Moreover, you can join us going to several international tournaments every year. That is a great possibility to improve your skills, visit interesting places and meet new friends. We are members of Czech Quidditch Association and our players also play for the Czech national quidditch team.

Quidditch is popular namely in english-speaking countries (UK, USA, Kanada, Australia), the Western and Northern Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Norway) and Turkey. There are also many teams in the Central Europe. It was our team (that time called UPOL Quidditch) which was the first in Czechia. It was formed in 2015 by student Markéta Štovíčková after coming back from her Erasmus exchange internship in Trondheim (Norway), where she played for local NTNUI Rumpeldunk quidditch team. Later, next 2 Czech teams Prague Pegasus and Brno Banshees were founded. The beginnings of quidditch in Czechia have been well captured in a ahort documentary film Game in the air. In early 2017, Olomouc team was renamed to it’s current name – Occamy Olomouc. Also, teams in the city of Liberec and town of Hodonín were trying to be established. Currently, a new team called Budweis Bigfoots in České Budějovice was formed and also people in Plzeň are trying to establish one.

You can check our facebookook site for current practices dates. Don’t forget to follow us there in order not to miss any single practice.