Our players have already joined several national and international tournaments. On international tournaments, we play for the Czech national team side by side with our colleagues from other Czech teams. Every year there is usually European Quidditch Cup in the spring, World Cup or European Games in summer and our Czech Championship in autumn. Between those, several other regional as well as international tournaments take place.

In 2018 spring season we joined Olomouc Quidditch Camp, visited European Quidditch Cup (EQC) in Germany and finally World Cup in Florence (Italy), Broomtislava tournament in Bratislava and many more. We also participate as active members of the Czech Quidditch Association associating all Czech teams, promoting quidditch in Czechia and organizing varied sports events including quidditch tournaments.

Team camp 2021, Hněvkov, Czechia

The next team gathering after the covid year happened again in the village of Hněvkov, where summer team camp took place at the end of July. We did some quidditch drills as well as other activities for strengthening our grip. We also enjoyed the beautiful summer weather as well.

Team camp 2020, Hněvkov, Czechia

After the spring season ruined by covid restrictions, we decided to meet for a weekend to try if we still are able to play quidditch. Therefore, 17–19 July, we spent time together near the town of Zábřeh practising quidditch, hiking to a nearby castle ruins, some barbecue and playing board games together.

Olomouc Quidditch Camp 2019, Polomí, Czechia

At the end of Autumn, 15–17 November, the second national quidditch camp took place in the small village Polomí. This event followed the same idea as OQC 2018 and so we practised and played quidditch together as well as other activities indoor and outdoor. We also enjoyed board games, roadshow and were very grateful for hospitality that municipality Polomí provided to us. foto: Nika Alkenská, Radek Barvíř

Czech Championship 2019, České Budějovice, Czechia

The 3rd Czech Quidditch Championship took place on Saturday 26 October in the city of České Budějovice. Total number of 6 teams competed there. We played 3 thrilling matches, first with local team Budweis Bigfoots. This was the most important match for us, but we, unfortunately, lost the game at the end of the first overtime by 1-goal difference (150*°:160°°). Next, we played with Brno Banshees (50°:150*) and Phoenixes Plzeň (210°:130*), which gave us 5th place in the final ranking. photo: Tomáš Krabač


Quidditch in Woods 2, Černá Voda, Czechia

The first camp organised by ČAF for all Czech players took place at the beginning of October 2019 in the village of Černá Voda. In total, 12 players from Praha, Brno, Olomouc and Jeseník came and enjoyed practising quidditch as well as a pizza workshop, few hiking trips around and many games.

European Games 2019, Bamberg, Germany

As the World Cup took place last year, this year’s programme was reserved for European Games. The tournament took place on 29–30 June in Bamberg, Germany. Four Occamy players got into the Czech national team and joined this tournament. We left on Thursday and apent a night in the city of Nürnberk situated nearby. On Friday, we had a practice and also visited the downtown of Bamberg and local special beer. At the weekend tournament, we played against the winner team of France, Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland and twice against team Finland which we beat. Therefore, we obtained the final ranking of 19th place. On the way back, our team also visited the very first practice of Thestrals Teplice – a new Czech quidditch team.

Livestream from the tournament: day 1 (match with Slovenia), day 2 (match with Finland)

Czech Championship 2018, Praha, Czechia

This year’s championship took place on Saturday 10 November 2018 in Praha. We met there with four other Czech teams and enjoyed playing against each other. Finally, we finished in fourth place. Even when the weather was quite cold we enjoyed playing and are looking for next year to show our abilities.

The weekend forest training session, Černá Voda, Czechia

At the weekend of 3–4 November 2018, part of our team together with our friends from the North participated in a weekend practice session in the middle of Rychlebské Hory Mountains. Beside of the training, we visited local abandoned quarries and rock towns, played few board games and thought some tactics. Our practice in the mountain air and rainy weather may have shown that we are not made of sugar, and are ready to play in any conditions.

Broomtislava 2018, Bratislava, Slovakia

During the summer season, there was a small eight-team-tournament taking place nearby Czech borders. Players from all Czech teams together with few merc players formed team Czercs representing Czechia. During this warm weekend, we had a pleasure to play against teams from Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Netherlands. We spent our free time in a camp and the swimming resort of Zlaté Piesky as well as in the city centre. Although we were not very lucky in this tournament losing two games by only 10 points (1 goal), we enjoyed it and obtained new experience playing with teams from our surroundings.

World Cup 2018, Firenze, Italy

At the end of the Spring season, we played at Quidditch World Cup which takes place every 2 years. This year, it was in Firenze and players from Occamy Olomouc visited the tournament as members of the Czech National Quidditch Team. The team consisting of 22 members played with other national representations, reached the upper bracket and finally obtained the joined 15th place together with Vietnam. We played matches against Slovakia, Catalonia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Poland. We also had an opportunity to visit landmarks of the city of Firenze, taste local ice-cream, pizza and pasta. After exhausting performances in a warm climate we relaxed in a pool and in the evening we spent time playing the guitar and singing songs at our campsite spot.

4. round of Mejtský famfrpál, Vysoké Mýto, Czechia

Two weeks after EQC our team named Ministery of Quidditch, composed mostly of Occamy Olomouc players, went to Vysoké Mýto to experience playing quidditch in a bit different way on the local legendary tournament. The atmosphere was great and relaxing so we enjoyed every game. As newcomers, we first need to get used to the different rules, but as we managed it we didn’t want to leave back home.

European Quidditch Cup 2018, Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany

At the weekend of 14th–15th April the next EQC took part in a small Bavarian town. Our team qualified to represent Czechia there. We experienced playing against really great teams e.g. Paris Titans (that year European champions) or NTNUI Rumpeldunk (our mother-team). We obtained much experience to incoming World Cup and get the 29th position.

Olomouc Quidditch Camp, Polomí, Czechia

Two weeks before EQC we had a group practice workout with players from Brno, Praha, Bratislava and other czech cities. The event took place in the small village of Polomí near Olomouc. Beside playing and drills we also enjoyed roadshow from past tournaments and barbecue under the sky full of stars.
photo author: Ondra Hujňák

St. Martin’s Tournament, Brno, Czechia

The very first Czech quidditch tournament took place at the legendary stadium Za Lužánkami during the second weekend of November in the city of Brno. It was composed of the Czech championship, where Occamy Olomouc were playing against the mix of Prague Pegasus a Brno Banshees, and fantasy tournament of completely mixed teams of players coming also from Slovakia, Poland, Italy and USA. Therefore, players had the possibility to meet each other and share skills and different game tactics. Of course, the typical meal of that weekend – St. Martin’s goose was served together with the very first wine of that year.

source: organization committee,

IQA Quidditch Tournament Odense 2017, Odense, Denmark

During Autumn season, another tournament was held within the traditional Harry Potter festival in Odense, Denmark. Czech national team formed by players from Prague and Olomouc participated in order to obtain so important skills and finished at the 5th place. The games were played on a stylish stadium in the Harry Potter style surrounded by tribunes and towers similar to the fantasy film. We enjoyed playing against teams from Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Slovenia, Iceland and home team of Denmark. We also enjoyed visiting the festival, sightseeing in the city, a parliament-election trip to Copenhagen and visiting Hamburg and picturesque town of Wittstock on the way across Germany.

First third of the match between Czechia (right side) and Iceland (left): (2/3, 3/3)

VanTom PegaLux Pandas, Prague, Czechia

By the end of August 2017, a meeting of Prague Pegasus and closest foreign teams took place. Players from Dresden, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague played few matches there in both original and mixed teams. Visiting the old city centre and a typical Czech dinner was also on a programme. There was nor a lack of someone from Olomouc joining this event.

Quidditch Slavic Cup 2017, Warsaw, Poland

Slavic Cup 2017 was the second tournament where the Czech team participated. This newly formed Slavic tournament in Warsaw attracted not only Polish quidditch teams, but also Slovak, two German, Austrian-Slovenian and Czech team Czercs made of Prague and Olomouc players participated. During the tournament, the weather was very pleasant as well as the atmosphere of players coming from all parts of Central Europe. Off the gametime, there was also enough time to visit the city centre and its landmarks including laser show a video mapping projection in local Multimedia Fountain Park.

European Quidditch Cup 2017, Mechelen, Belgium

European Quidditch Championship (EQC) is an international tournament, where European quidditch teams play against each other (can be several teams from one country). The very first tournament of this kind took place in 2012 in France. In March 2017 this championship took place in Mechelen, Belgium and 32 teams participated. Czechia was represented by team Prague Pegasus sent by International Quidditch Association (IQA) witch some players from Olomouc and Brno.